Here’s a sweet picture of Eden B at her Pre-K program. She was in rare form as she stood up front and did ALL the motions and sang ALL the words! I was wondering if she would just be a shy little flower, but she got into it and had so much fun.
eden drawing.jpg
Here’s a drawing I’m working on of Eden. I want to continue my Song of Songs theme with this one and put an animal with her like a dove, gazelle, something like that. Eden tends to be my most willing model. Josiah doesn’t hold still much these days and Tessa needs some more stability to be poseable. I will enjoy watercoloring this one and beefing it up with ink.
But on the most immediate horizon is the comission that I have hanging around. My friend Bruce from church built me the required size stretchers, and now I have to stretch the canvas over top. Whew! That’ll be a work out! But I’m excited about recreating the painting Domestica. I’ve been browsing through images of the original painting in progress and I think the process will be so much fun to revisit. My client told me that I could make some changes, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same, she just enjoys the feeling of the painting. Here’s the stretchers hanging out on my easel ready to be dressed.
big ole.jpg


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