Pretty Good so Far

There was part of me that was not looking forward to the summer. Just like all of us fear change a little bit. The ritual of school is hard, but comforting. You never have to budge for it’s timeline. It’s rigorous. Planning the summer was a but scary because our kids are in a place where Josiah can go to camps, but Eden’s a bit too young. And camps are just too expensive. So with the help of some other thrifty and same-minded moms (thanks Jen!) we found some fun options and I”m looking forward to the results of these adventures this summer.
This first week I’ve been pretty diligent. I kinda faded by Friday though. And gusto for some things give way to lax for others. My dinners this week weren’t stellar, but we all ate 🙂 Anyway, this week. Monday I wrote out my grocery list in order of the aisles and wrote the words clearly and Josiah read each item on the list and both the big kids took turns finding the item and putting it in the cart. In the afternoon, before quiet time we started a toy downsizing project. We just don’t have enough house to accumulate more gadgets. I explained it to the kids for a while before we started it, preparing them for the idea that I wanted us to get rid of stuff so we could get new things. And yes, I promised them something NEW after this project was completed. Nothing big, of course. We made a Keep box, a Give Away box (this can be toys divided between thrift store and Gma’s house), and Broken. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes going through toys the first day, then I made the shifts shorter the next three days. Fifteen minutes seemed to be a good amount. It felt good to take a medium sized cardboard box full of toy “scraps” and toss it in the garbage. The next step is to go back through the Keep box and ask them if there are more toys they would like to Give. Explaining how giving is something God wants us to do. Not just giving broken things, but things that have value, especially to those who have less fun stuff. It was hard to get them to think about giving it away to some one they didn’t know. I know their friends might think it’s great to get gifts, but their moms might not be so glad 🙂
New City Fellowship’s VBS is next week, so that’s a no brainer. I look forward to getting some home organizing and some painting done. If Tessa will be kind to me. I have started my large pregnant nude comission, and I would love to get the whole first layer knocked out this next week, with all the tweeking necessary.
Josiah will attend Covenant Pres’ Music Camp and even if he’s not thrilled with the thought, he will love it. He has such a nice voice and this will be a good combo. He’s not a big athlete, or artist, so this camp sounded unique and the price was right! Eden will start ballet this summer for a super dooper cheap price! No fancy clothes necessary! But I think I will get her little shoes anyway (eep! so cute!)
I look forward to trips to the pool(s), parks, the Aquarium. I look forward to getting away and maybe going on a non-rough camping trip (cabin please) so we can go tubing on the Nantahala. And the last hoorah: our trip to Hilton Head where we will say goodbye to summer and start getting ready for school as soon as we get home.
The projects I have commited to are not too daunting, although these two weeks of occupied children need to be taken advantage of. No wasting it on stuff like cleaning the bathroom (hehe). I have a project to do for the ArtHouse, where I paint 5 tiny paintings that must reference 5 random words they’ve assigned me: India, lobster, foam, prism, pile. Crazy. Large Comission needs to get done. Preparation for year 3 of teaching. Two other friend comissions. This summer will be a wonderful kind of lazy and busy mixed together.


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