White Elephants can Rock

A serious perk to being in art shows is that sometimes the show openings are really fun and have good food and drinks! Joel and I went to the ZeroSum show, met Cat there, I had a small piece in the show, Catch the Foxes. Cat informed me, at one of our other get togethers, that ZeroSum would have a pub quiz. PUB QUIZ!! fun!
We had a great time. Met new people on our pub quiz team, got to build a sculpture out of knick-knacks in the middle of the table, Magnolia Brown, chocolate chunk cookies, mango salsa. And the art was pretty interesting too.
Our team came in second, sending Joel into a comic drama holding a chair over his head toward our neighbors on the opposing team. But one of our prizes was this game called Feudal. Who knows how old this game is, the box is quite sunbleached. I believe it’s like a fancy form of chess. The kids have loved it though! Little figurine knights, archers, horsemen, castles that can be placed in any order on a pegboard. In funky retro colors. There have been many dramas worked out with this bogus prize we won. A whole lot better than the food dehydrator. I don’t think it would have gotten as much mileage.


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