Some days the weeks of summer seem like they go on forever and sometimes I think that it will be over in a blink. 26 days until our beach trip and then….back to school. It’s always exciting and annoying at the same time. These days that are so hot that you can’t be outside without having something frozen in your mouth (or on your head), or being in water, make you wish for the coolness of fall and winter. Makes me wonder why I even wished for summer at all. But mostly, the days are lazy. I groan at the petty fighting full of tattles (and advice how to nip tattling in the bud, I welcome it, enlighten me). I sigh when I have to drag my whole little brood to Walmart and the doctor’s office in the same week. I try my darndest to get us to a pool twice a week. What a burden finding a good, open, free swimming facility! Lord help me!
My Joel is still recovering from his bike accident about a month ago. With this recovery he is nursing a sore (possibly fractured) hand. No bike riding for him. Not good at all. This little fam needs both parents to take all children out for an evening bike ride. We have a tandum bike for Josiah that sits gathering pollen. And for the first time since it’s purchase, I hunkered down and assembled the new bike trailer and attached it to my new comfort bike and took the big kids for a spin. They loved it, but *whew* they are heavy! I think I was towing about 80lbs between the kids and the trailor. I waved at neighbors and swerved back and forth to keep the kids laughing. Our neighbors in the brick rentals were playing a Michael Jackson tribute as I assembled the trailer earlier. They smiled big at me and waved. They probably think I’m nuts.
The evening sometimes does not lend itself to much energy. We just sit and play games like dominoes and Stratego. Eden makes us pretend meals in her mini Tupperware, Josiah drags Joel on adventures. Sometimes the hose comes out and we get wet. These nights where there’s nothing to do but kill time before bed, it’s nice to just be together and not think. And part of me feels sad that we “kill” this time, when there is something to be lost. The evening of warmness of heart and warmness of temperature.


One thought on “Porchin’

  1. i think there’s nothing wrong with “killin’ time” with the kiddos. i just finished a parenting book and it was talking about how important it is to play with our kids. a good reminder for me to delight in my kids and not just always try to get stuff done. lately we spend time bouncing on the mattress in the playroom, making obstacle courses in the living room, and wrestling. those are all in my good moments. i find that i get so easily overwhelmed and frustrated. aargh, i can’t wait to be sinless.
    we’re so looking forward to hilton head.

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