Good To-Do’s

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T-minus 6 days until we leave for Hilton Head. I think I am more excited about this than Christmas. It happens every year. And the doubts creep in: What if it rains the whole time, what if the kids are sick, what if we forget something important (like all the toiletries, or an entire suitcase of somebody’s clothes). But all doubts aside, we will enjoy being somewhere else. The farthest I’ve been away from home since Tessa’s birth was the Knoxville Zoo with Josiah’s class. Boooo. I should have more adventures under my belt. Oh, yeah I had a baby about 7 months ago. The rest has been worth it.
The list of things to do is challenging and a bit daunting. During my vay-kay I plan to finish Our Clothesline’s show card and poster and get them ordered. I plan on finding a good art fundraiser for my students and find some clay for spring semester’s 3D section. I plan on starting some small pieces for Clothesline that are focused around my Song of Soloman theme. I have at least ten 8″x10″ canvases to work with. Maybe I’ll branch out and do some Psalm 31 woman pieces too. Definately can’t bring my Big Mama with me.
Before I leave I need to order Josiah’s school shoes that are 100% guaranteed. I need to make some yuminess like pesto, pimento cheese, chocolate chip cookies, veggie dip with water chestnuts. Yum, vacation food!
I hope I can accomplish these things without too much distraction. After all, my baby is wiggling and shrieking these days. Makes for much toting about and pleasing. Life is good, even with all the messes in between. I love being busy and the reward of next week is well deserved.


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