Tessa is almost 7 months. Wow what a change! She’s wiggly, giggly, sitting up straight and alert. She sleeps for almost the whole night. If I were smart I’d go to bed and get 7 hours! But no, I’m not that bright. She might not be a chunky monkey, but she’s a precious snuggler. She has these long limbs and she reaches gracefully for things. Sometimes gripping with great force a tuft of her brothers coppery hair. “OW!!!” Josiah will shout, and then he’ll turn around and grin seeing that Tessa’s arm and his head are at the same height. She has a righteous squawk. I apologize now for anyone who has to be around her while we are trying to eat. I think my left ear is a bit deaf from being screamed into at least two times a day. Is it too early to introduce her to the stern “no”? Probably not! And her smooth little birdie head is beginning to get fuzzy with blond hair! Amazing! If she’s a blondie with our two copper heads I’ll just fall out with joy. What fun! I can’t wait to barrage my laptops picture folders with pictures of Tessa grinning at the ocean. Her first time there!


Can’t wait to tote her around in the bike trailer, see her with her cousins, and watch her take it all in. Hopefully not in her mouth though.


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