It was good, many thoughts to be had after this vacation. Great fellowship and activity. Things that we wanted to do but didn’t do were quickly forgotten. I was at peace, wanting to just enjoy the moments we had and not dread our return, or count down the days. The best part was to see not only my children enjoy themselves to the fullest everyday, but to spend those sweet times with their cousins. The joys of small children are so small, and even Josiah, who technically is not small, found pleasures for himself in these littler ones, and in activities that “big kids” do: video games and riding on the back of Papa’s bike. It was wonderful to have my brother Kirk and his family with us this go ’round. We haven’t had this much time together ever, and I think it was enlightening for us all. What’s great is to see how truly God is good and how he has blessed us with a family that strives for peace. Whether we agree on everything or not, whether we are ready to be alone or be together, we strive to keep ourselves at peace. The rhythm was relaxing and kind. Of course, this is my take, but I felt that the joys were felt all around.

Tessa was a good baby the whole trip. Slept well, and enjoyed herself. She didn’t like the beach much. We went four times and the first time I put her in her suit. That was the last time. The next few times she stayed in the baby back pack or was kickin’ it in the bike trailor. She loved that.
Eden and her cousin Joanna were pure sweet and cute little girl heaven. They look so different but are pretty much the same size give or take. They played with “princesses” and sat in the same comfy chair together. They shared intertubes and took a bike ride together. It was really special. Eden doesn’t get to have this very often. Even though that was such a special part of the trip, Eden was done in by vacation. Lots of oops’ and accidents. It drove me to great frustration. So gross. I’m hoping that now that we’re home we can remember what being potty trained is all about.
But as you can see they loved being together.
And then there’s SAM!! My nephew was one of the funnest parts of this trip. I love seeing the wonder of the ocean and the water through the eyes of a toddler. He’s a super cute super chunk and I loved seeing his belly sticking out of his UV shirt.
It’s hard work to be on vacation with so many little ones. And the ride to and from had it’s moments of “ugh, will we ever get there/home?” but now that we’re back I am glad to fill my children’s memory with these times. We all reflected on different childhood memories we had. I look forward to having these memories to connect many families and many generations. I feel very blessed to have this time. Now I am praying that I can get back into life without too much stress. School starting, birthday parties, budgeting well, cleaning my house, getting ready for Clothesline. Ok, I gotta stop before I do get stressed out.


2 thoughts on “Beach

  1. i really love the pics of eden and johanna. super special. i’m glad you get to go to the beach every year, this one time with your brother too seems like such a nice thing. don’t worry too too much, i figure, business can’t fall apart in one day. it rained all week here last week. you might could pretend it’s that way this week and give the kiddos movie&popcorn to help get you through so much planning/doing. talkwithyousoon.

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