Guess who’s crawling? Tessa started crawling while we were on vacation and now she’s a wiggly sight to be seen! her long delicate limbs and the longest toes ever have a tree frog-like choreography. She’s so cute and exploritory! The big kids love seeing where she’s off too next. Probably to stick the next lego or playmobile piece in her mouth. It’s a bit early for me, but with two other crazies running around already, it actually doesn’t change the chaos that much…yet!


OCAS teal postcard2

Another slowly but quickly approaching baby in my life is Our Clothesline Art Show. I started a small piece during my vacation, but I have grand ambitions to finish many more. Whew! I need to wrap up the order of the show card and then I can work on my own art. Along with get my son ready for first grade, getting myself ready for many art students, my Eden ready for another year of Pre-K and ballet, I’ll have plenty of time to make art! I will if it kills me.


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