who wants curry?

who wants curry?, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I do!!
Our Tessa is such a cut up these days. Moving around like Spiderman and trying to eat all kinds of things. I posted this picture for my mom who I know hates messy baby pictures. Yesterday Tessa tried catalope and banana all by herself. Chasing little pieces around her tray until she had at least 3 or 4 pieces in her mouth. I love this stage because they are more and more aware, but at the same time, you have to bathe them after every meal. Curry smells good on your plate, not so much on your baby.
Her eyes are clearing up, not as goopy as they have been since, uh, birth. And she has a blocked salivary gland that I was told to “take care of” with an ENT surgeon, but man, I’m just not sure how to take my 7 month old getting any form of anethesic, stitches etc. Oh Tessa, what a joy you are. Can’t believe I thought 2 kids were enough!


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