First Grade

first grade3I wanted this morning to go smoother and be more relaxed. Leisurely stroll down Rossville Ave to the wonderful aroma of chickens. But instead we were a bit too hurried. We got there in time, and like sophmores in high school we skipped in with confidence saying “hi” and acting super dooper excited.


first grade6

first grade8

I’m excited about Josiah’s teacher being a Presidential Award winner and more importantly, being a true veteran of teaching first grade. We also got to visit with Mrs. Challener (Jos’ Kindergarten teacher) after school. I love my boy, and I love how he holds his head up and goes through school making buddies and charming everyone. I was busy all day today with ballet, and visiting with Lynn and friends. That helped get me back in the swing of things. One thing about the mornings now that Josiah is in school is it’s so strangley quiet! I put Tessa down for a nap and Eden played with her dollhouse. It was bittersweet. I asked Eden if she missed Josiah and she said no, then she quickly said yes. I feel the same way, Eden.



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