Getting Ready


These days my expectations are very low. Low in the art making department. So if I get anything done that turns out the least bit cool I am satisfied. I started this one in Hilton Head and finished it up a week ago. I’m glad to be producing a little bit of new stuff. Thankfully, I feel pretty good about bringing out some “older” stuff too, things that have only been seen once or twice.

I am continuing my Song of Soloman journey of images. I finished this gazelle and I’m half way through a still life of figs. Still life, hmmm, never thought I would be drawn to represent things this way. But I love the exercise especially with gouache and watercolor. Ah, so pretty. Purples, browns, whites and yellows. I hope it stays as fluid as it feels right now. I have this concern that I might be repeating too many images that others at Our Clothesline might also be working on. Not that this would stop me and my vision, but I do think about the originality of my subjects. Has to be thought out.

At this point I have a good bit of work to bring. Anything I sell will be great. A local gallery lost three of my pieces this past year and I am waiting to get paid. The Domestica painting is difficult to dive into at all because of it’s size and honestly, I’d rather paint the subjects I want to paint. But, work is work. You don’t always have a great passion about what you have towork on. But man, that’d be a good chunk of change once that’s done. I have other requests for other Biblical themes that I would love to pursue, but right now these images haunt me. Until I feel I’ve exhausted their power over my creativity, I keep planning a new one.

So if you can come, join us for Our Clothesline Show. We love seeing everyone and we love showing our hard work. Most of us do not get to show it off very often, this is the time that rewards us the most. I’ll bring my doves, gazelles, foxes and figs. I don’t need to bring them back home with me. Take one home with you.

OCAS teal poster


One thought on “Getting Ready

  1. So wish I was nearby and could visit the show and see your work in person. (Besides the piece I already own!- which is currently hanging in my orange living room btw)

    Thank-you again for sharing your life with me on your blog.

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