First and Phases



Eden had her first day of school last week. I was late, as usual, getting us into the car and I might have gotten impatient when she was taking her time getting to the car when I saw this little moment. She picked a dandilion and said “I wish to be in heaven with Big Papa” . Now, before you think that’s way too morbid, we’ve talked about heaven and the Kingdom of God, and what will happen when Jesus returns. But I witnessed this little moment where she stopped thinking about her friends waiting for her at school, and she had a personal reflection of what we’ve talked about. That this world is not perfect, in fact there are a lot of things wrong, and when Jesus comes to the earth he will bring heaven with him. And we’ll see our Big Papa, and he won’t be sick anymore. After she puffed her dandilion till it was naked, I coaxed her into the car for her first day. I sure will miss my Eden when she goes to Kindergarten next year *sigh*.


As we’ve been in a bit of a financial crunch this month, I’ve had to rise above my desire to just do what I want and plan, be discerning, and most of all appreciate what we have. Changing my point of view to see the potential of what I have in my pantry and not the big empty spaces. In fact, I liked seeing the big empty spaces. Monday last week I was pooped from my first day of teaching and all I wanted to do was go to Tienda Jalisco for free kiddie tacos. But instead I pulled myself up off the couch and made something from nothing right? Roasted veggies with pasta. Oh my it was good! It really was a testimony to being creative and believing that using everything you have makes a satisfying meal.


Exhaustion doesn’t feel so bad when a hungry family is made happy from your frugality. Even some butternut for the baby.


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