rossville ave dance, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I’m learning to love myself. Not just on the outside because that changes day to day depending on what we ate, how much we slept, if we got a bad haricut (which I did). But I’m trying to remember that I am someone unique. I am a companion worth having. I am warm, compassionate, a good listener, loyal. I have never really thought these things of myself. I always pointed my finger to someone who was more so, but if I believe that I am these things, I will act out of that belief. I work on being a good listener, cuz I talk too much. I work on being warm, even though I’m not a real huggy person. I want to abolish my selfishness to be compassionate and a willing servant. These are tough tough goals for me. And I feel I need to spread the apologies out like thick fresh icing on a birthday cake. I’m sorry for not being the first one to offer help. I’m sorry for not listening enough and talking too much about me. I’m sorry for being a loner and not inviting you over. I’m sorry for not praying for you, hugging you, just being there to watch a kid or two. The list continues. But I do want to be something new. I want to be a woman who is a good companion to everyone who call me a friend. I want to do this to serve God, to make my marriage better, to be a better mother. It is all wrapped up together. Today I may be busy, but I always want to be thinking how I can serve the next loved one. Lord, take my eyes off of me and give me that confidence to just be your hands and feet.


One thought on “dance

  1. Good words Katie and such a good prayer at the end. It resonates with me so much I feel a whole post coming on. We are who we are with strengths and weaknesses.The good thing though is taking the time to examine ourselves and learning to let God have his way with us. Every one of us when we’re honest have all sorts of corners of our soul we’d rather not have exposed like the clutter we shove in closets. From one who often struggles with self defeating thoughts, just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty and how you let God do beautiful things with you.

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