The Clothesline





Another amazing Our Clothesline Art Show. What a difference it was this time! The difference for me was that the work ahead of time seemed much smoother. I don’t know if that’s because the folks that were involved jumped right on it and we didn’t have to delegate too much. Maybe it’s just that we have found the strengths that everyone has and we just let them run with it. But the actual show, being there for hours and hours, it did me in! Sunday I was a wreck. Tired and emotional I broke into tears when I was trying to find something in my impossible closet and something fell and hurt me. I just stood there and sobbed!


I love this show. It’s everything I love about an art experience. No agendas of gallery owners, plenty of places to sit and get cozy, warm breeze, wine, homemade munchies, my best friends, and we all get to talk about art. I get to hear what my fellow artists have to say about my work and also I get to talk at length with the audience. I get to sit for hours surrounded by my friends work and ask them about their process. Not something I get to do all the time.


But every time we finish this show we have those thoughts. The thoughts that it might not work next time. We put our heart and soul into the art and then we put more elbow grease into creating the stage with which our art will stand. The division of my heart between my loves that I take care of everyday and need me, and my love to make art is painful. At the end of the Clothesline I am so so thankful for everyone who came. We were welcomed back with warmth and with sales! But my heart and my bones are so weary, longing to have that rest with my family. To hold my baby and take care of her myself. I thought of how I could have done this weekend better. But I can’t rewind, I can just make plans to make better decisions and not procrastinate. I also think about what other art venues I can do without exhausting myself so much. These are all thoughts that are worthy of my time.


I fell into a deep and satisfying sleep last night after these past few days of hard work. God granted me such grace as I ended a show with a good bit of money in my pocket, and a family that had stayed busy and happy while I was gone. I was blessed with students all day Monday that worked hard, listened and showed me wonderful projects. This years students are blowing me away! I don’t deserve these blessings, I should never ever complain. Even though I am tired, and I make the wrong decisions sometimes, God still brings me those gifts. So bring on the next challenges! And while I look at the rest of September I am actually thankful for the events I’m not going to so I can have evenings at home to play with my kids (clean my house!!!), snuggle my baby, and snuggle my Joel. After everyone is asleep, I can do the things my full-time job requires. Fit the art in when I have that energy to drag the paint box back out, search for some images, and uncover that big pregnant commission I need to finish!


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