Can you find the zebra?

Can you find the zebra, originally uploaded by katiek2.

A couple of our friends were nominated for some awards from the Young Professionals of Chattanooga chapter. They had a fun event behind our house at Loose Cannon. There was some inter-species socializing to say the least. Hehe. A few folks had themselves painted like a zebra, giraffe, cheetah, and tiger. It was fun. I think that was the first even I’d been to at Loose Cannon where you could actually move around without bumping into anyone. So even though our friends didn’t win and neither did Joel’s business (Blue Cross Blue Shield….shocker), we had a nice evening out. Dolled up about as nice as we can get these days. Of course, we have no pictures of us.
The next day I got up at dawn and drove down to Cartersville to judge the Roselawn art festival. It was fun. Everyone was so inviting. I was honored to get asked, and it’s so wonderful to go around and talk with these artists about their work. The winners deserved it. And when I found out the Best of Show winner had been mugged the night before, I was glad to make his weekend a little bit more joyful. There was some interesting stuff. Makes you think.


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