the Autumn

the papa, originally uploaded by katiek2.

These days are amazing. So amazing that I barely have time to rest from it all. Parties for friends with pretty dishes, aprons, wine and brie. Walking home from school with little friends and commenting on every last detail. Having breakfast with a friend at Bluegrass Grill. And I’m feeling blessed, and tired! I wish I had more hours in the day to rest and heal. I’m still recovering from the cold I had two weeks ago and then I had a great late night gab session with Cat, and then I sang with the worship team the next morning. Then, on Monday I taught all day. My voice has been iffy and every morning I wake up with a buncha gook living in my throat. yum.
Then Joel tells me he’s planning a fun surprise. We’re going to U2 in Atlanta on Tuesday. Wow, I’m excited!!! And so was Joel, he planned for us to have people over last night for a game night. Again, super fun! But before, we went hiking at Cloudland Canyon that morning and then I was enslaved to do laundry. And since we have no functional washer (yes, my high efficiency 2 yr old washer is kaput) I did laundry at my in-laws. Ugh. *cough cough*. I love all the fun, but I’ll be 33 next weekend, and I’ll be partying more with my friends Chris and Tara watchin’ them get hitched. Can I handle it? We’ll see.


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