Bits of Joy


I think it’s so cool that Eden’s construction paper octopi mirror Cat Collier’s Panda Trees oh so nicely. Eden is always, always making stuff. I have no idea what it will be like in Kindergarten for her, oh my word, I’ll have to rent a storage space just for all her creations! She makes books, and letters, envelopes, animals, paw-prints, all kinds of stuff!


It’s hard to throw these things away. I have some of my favorites taped inside my kitchen cabinets. Her bunny and kitty drawings are cuter than any Hello Kitty product you can find. I need to stencil, sew, or copy them onto something.


And then the happy joy Eden and I both felt as I pulled out rainboots I bought for her years ago at one of my favorite Marietta thrift stores, and they fit! How long Eden has waited to be tall enough for rainboots! And there’s never been a better couple weeks than these to try them out.



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