They were so cute. And making the costumes was so fulfilling. It was awesome. We didn’t go to any “trunk or treats”, we just walked around OUR neighborhood. I think we hit every street. Met new neighbors and made it home by 8pm. We tripled our candy quantity that we gave away. I emptied all the M&M’s for later baking projects like popcorn cake or cookies. Mmmmmm. It was all we needed. Making Josiah’s helmet out of his old too small camo shirt and straight pins was a last minute save. Poofing Eden’s hair so she would look more like Cinderella was fun, I envisioned doing her hair again and again for other fun formal events. Sprayed her hair to death with spray. I stitched some little ears for Tessa, and she miracuslously kept them on for most of the time. Oh, yeah, carved a Rowan pumpkin too. Ah, Halloween, if only you weren’t so pagan.





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