My Ballerina


Eden had a ballet performance this past Saturday. And along with many other events that happened that day much joy was felt by Joel and I as we watched our sweet girl move her graceful self through her rehearsed little dance.


The event was chaotic. Tons of little children dressed in uniforms with all kinda of wacky accessories. But we were determined to stick it out and be part of this. My goodness, there was a rummage sale at the back of the auditorium! Crazy. Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to expect.


There was a day and a time that Eden would have panicked and stood frozen with her thumb in her mouth or screamed over the awkward circumstances. But as my big four-year old girl she is showing me that she’s more brave than I thought. Every week going to ballet seems to be a lukewarm activity. It’s only the promise of seeing her friends (and her adorable teacher) that makes her go. She was even ready to go this past Tuesday except her barking cough kept her home.


So I didn’t know how jazzed she would be about a performance, and after I saw how many girls were up on the stage I was kinda holding my breath. Mostly it was Joel I felt like I had to convince, because the surroundings were crazy. They did some obnoxious hip-hop warm ups and then they did their dance. There were the girls that forgot were they were and just stood there, or turned around. There were the girls that clunked through all the motions. There was the one girl who stood there crying for her “Mimi” the whole time. But my Eden was graceful.


She always has been, always girly. I was trying my hardest to not just watch her through the viewfinder of the camera. Joel said that watching her got him a little choked up. I only wish her and Julia Ross had been put together so we had some cute group shots. But I was so proud. We got Eden some cute stuffed animals at that rummage sale as her reward. I guess the chaos paid off.



2 thoughts on “My Ballerina

  1. Jen Kring

    Wow! Look at what a big confident girl our little Eden has become!!!! She looks so very poised and graceful… very impressive!!! and so adorable!
    Joel, I’m with you, it makes my little ol’ throat feel lumpy… sniff sniff!

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