Peter Pan!!!, originally uploaded by katiek2.

This was a shining moment in our household. We had Lily and Linen over about a month ago (wow I don’t blog enough). We had a great weekend full of beautiful weather, playing outside, and enjoying Battle Academy’s Renaissance festival. Joel was gone at a conference and so I had 5 by myself! I made it, and this photo is the gem that makes the 3 weeks of sickness I had afterwards totally worth it.
I heard them talking about playing Peter Pan. I heard the thuds from them leaping off of the top bunk trying to ‘fly’. Then I went up to take a look. I heard them assigning roles. The girls convinced Josiah that Captain Hook was the way to go. Then Eden, the shy one, was informed that a mermaid was what she was to be. Thankfully, we attended Bea Carter’s 4th birthday party which was a mermaid party. There, we got a seashell top and we learned how to make a mermaid tail by tying your skirt around mid calf. She spent most of the time slithering around the floor. I snapped this picture and it was just our second try. Those photogenic Cooper girls. So sweet. I think we still have some of their socks floating around the kids room.


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