Main x 24 2009

The morning started off quiet, and then we had snow! We made sure to get our fill of it. Roger’s truck seemed to offer the best resource for snowballs.

Tessa donned the red REI suit, which she wore until she crashed for an afternoon nap. Many “awwws” were had as she worked the ‘Elmo’ look all day. So glad it fit her, cuz it was cold!

Once we got going, we enjoyed the beignets at Blue Orleans. I think everyone else was suckered into pancakes at the Firehall, we had the place almost to ourselves. And oh man, they were soooo good.

We got the hook up to ride on one of the Chattanooga Ducks for the Christmas parade. We grabbed some good friends to go with us. It was cold waiting to leave, and the duck man seemed to drive all over the Southside looking for a good place to park once we were done, but we worked it out.

What a wonderful day it was! I’m sure we missed so many activities doing the things we committed to do, but it’s always a blast. This year was incredible! I was honored to be interviewed with the articulate and fabulous Cat Collier about our art show that day with Our Clothesline ladies (and some honorary dudes), by the Chattarati staff. Picked myself up a Youngmonster tee. Got a sweet glimpse of Amber’s finished products. Wandered down Main toward Tienda Jalisco and got to meet some buskers playing various instruments. Grabbed some tacos while Josiah and his buddy Juden blew into a hose to make glass Christmas ornaments. Then, I left my dear husband with an upside down house, 4 tired kids and 3 good friends while I packed up and headed over to the Southside Flats for my art show. It was a good afternoon, and I am always glad to be a part of what’s happening at Mainx24.

The Main Event. Oh my. I can’t say it was memorable in a lot of good ways. At least not in the ways the event planners planned. I loved watchin my people, the Distribution, play. We were havin’ church! And it was awesome! Met some good friends and new folks. It’s always a ball to hang out with all my mommy friends without the kiddies and all dolled up. “Let’s Dance” seemed to be the battle cry. And dance we did. I was underwhelmed with the event though. No food!? It cost how much to get in and no food!? Wandering through the various spaces I did not appreciate all the work put in because there was nothing to enjoy it with except beverages that you waited 45 minutes in line to get! Even water! What are all the poor DD’s supposed to do? And although Mix Master Mike is very good at what he does, the crowd he drew out was not what I was into. The smell of pot filled the air and two of my friends were accosted by guys who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. I found myself wander into the open room where there were couches only to find I got a text telling me my grandmother was in the hospital and might not make it through the night. Well, that was that. I got up and my ass was wet, ewww. Quiddity couldn’t make my night better. I joined my husband and other close pals out at the fire pits. We joked about throwing the cardboard garbage can into the flames since they had no extra firewood. I’m telling ya, you don’t run out of food or firewood. Folks just leave. And leave we did. To Hair of the Dog where they took care of us with reuben rolls and beer cheese. Maybe next year Mainx24’s last hoorah for the night will remain a Southsider’s event. I’m a snob, call me out, I admit it. If I had my druthers, I would have had the after party overlap the Main Event. It seemed more the vibe we all wanted. That’s all.


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