morning with my baby, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Oh my dear blog. I am so sorry. I have neglected you. And although there might not be that many people reading, I need to show you some love so I do not forget what is happening. Even if my life may be simple, full of caretaking and passing thoughts, there are things that deserve much reflection. They deserve to be immortalized, so to speak.
I am in the calm before the storm of spring semester and new deadlines and challenges. In the midst of it I have had some speed bumps, great joys and sorrows, things that are deep covering many hidden places inside of me, and things that are brief. Joys that are fleeting, but worth experiencing, making my life busy but rich.
So dear blog and my precious few readers, I’ll catch up. But first this reintroduction:
Hello, my name is Katie, I love to blog. The month of December has brought some gems of blog-worthiness. Let be begin the begin.


2 thoughts on “Revisit

  1. Yeah, an update! Hey, my name is Linda and I too love to blog and December is bursting with way to many blog worthy moments and way too little time to write them. Besides what else is a girl to do on the nights her rock star husband is gone? In other words, i feel ya. And keep it up, you’ll be glad you did and so will some others.

  2. Looks like you had a fun day in the snow. Too bad the evening’s big to-do was so lame. Who did they think they were entertaining?

    Glad to see you back. Thanks for sharing your family with those of us who wandered on over and decided to stay.

    ((hugs)) and Merry Christmas!

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