A few weeks back we went to Pensecola to visit Joel’s brother Nathan, and his family. They just moved there from Gainesville this past July. It had been over a year since we had seen each other, so it was way past due. It was brief, but it really nice. These days of our immediate Knutson fam being so transient, it is important to take this time and touch base.

It was kinda a crap weekend weather wise, but they’ve got quite a gem in Pensecola: The Naval Air Museum. It’s flippin’ huge, for one, it’s free, and it’s indoors. Yessss. The kids had a blast climbing in the cockpits of a gazillion planes and pretending they’re about to crash. Josiah was the big dog leading the smaller ones around. In and out of everything they could climb in.

The kids enjoyed the change of scenery. Uncle Nathan and Aunt Laura have a dog, a wii, and two little boys! Alright! The kids were wonderfully entertained. I hope my nephew Kaden’s big kid withdrawl wasn’t too rough. I know that Josiah talks about big kids he hangs out with for awhile after they visit. We were able to talk and snack on Laura’s sinful baked goods. We had early Christmas with them and came home with some delightful things to hold in hands and in hearts. We must visit more often.

But, almost completely unrelated, I quickly browsed through the art that they had on the second floor of the Naval Air Museum while the rest of the fam escaped me and went past and under the Blue Angels. I was impressed by some of the lovely painting techiniques that these pieces had.

beautiful oil painted sky.

a lovely graphite drawing with great value textures.

clean and impressive typography hand drawn, painted on crinkled tissue paper. Good stuff! Before there were computer programs to make this stuff easier, artists painted letters and used rulers, compasses, etc. to make beautiful letters.


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