Christmas 2009

There were many moments I did not capture this Christmas season. Many things I will treasure in my heart. This Christmas I celebrated having the energy to do Christmasy things with my kids. They are the perfect age to do them. Last year I was so big and pregnant, I didn’t feel like doing anything. This year we enjoyed making cookies, decorating the tree together, hanging Christmas lights and putting out the nativities. We enjoyed Christmas music, sung it together, counted down the days until school was out. We had fun wrapping presents for our favorite teachers and friends who have helped our family so much this year.

Once school was out we holed at home for a few days as Josiah fought a fever. Then, we made a mini gingerbread house with all the left over, rejected Halloween candy and some little bits that I’ve had for cookies. I’m glad I had a small bit of light pink icing left from Eden’s 4th b-day in the freezer!

Christmas shopping became laborious as we thought of what we could get the kids. We knew we had a certain budget, and it seemed that giftcards and coupons kept coming our way. Joel kept finding those holiday deals that made certain things more attractive. It became quite evident that we were not going to be able to just scoot by with Legos this year for Josiah. I brought up the dreaded video game scenario. Do we want to go there? Talked it out with grandparents. Then, Joel brought home a $150 gift card to Target. Do we piddle it away on baby clothes, adequate shoes, this’n’that? Or do we get a killer Christmas present that we will be enjoying for a good long while. Well, the answer was clear. Eden’s Christmas was easily accomplished with many smaller gifts: a Hello Kitty doll, Hello Kitty fashion plates (they rock!), handmade doll clothes for her Sleeping Beauty Barbie, handmade flower fairy magnets (my mom’s cool invention). The Wii was a great addition. We’ve had a blast. And with older cousins coming in today for Great grandma’s memorial, it’ll give all kids a fun thing to play. Josiah had the best reaction ever “A Wii!!!! I’ve waited my whole life!!!” Classic. It’s been something we’ve managed pretty well with so far. Except in order to hook the Wii up to our exsisting TV system we have to buy a special cord. Ugh. Out comes the old TV! We’ll rid ourselves of it soon. Maybe by next paycheck.

Then Joel drops the Sugar Daddy gift on me of a new camera. I needed one so badly. And it’s a sweet one. My pictures will be so much nicer now! My old camera could not hold a charge hardly at all. This is an investment in our family’s memories. And really, I’m not very expensive the rest of the year. Don’t care about Valentine’s, my only shopping sprees are at the thrift store, anniversary dinners don’t have to involve dressing up. I’m low-maintinence. He’ll probably correct me on this. Heehee.

So as the Christmas season wraps up, I am feeling good about what we’ve accomplished. But there were some things I missed. I missed having more worship during this Christmas season. Today’s Christmas season has so little to do with worship it seems. I love Christmas carols, but the only ones I want to worship too have Hallelujah somewhere in there. The rest of them I’ll gladly sing while making cookies and driving in the van to a late night shopping trip. You know what I mean? I haven’t felt the advent warm fuzzies. Lit candles just get inconveniently puffed out in the middle of ‘the reading’ at our house. So, as each Christmas passes, we’ll find out our own way to remind ourselves of what we are celebrating, hopefully with little or no supplies needed.

And now we get to celebrate two lives. The new life of Tessa and her first birthday, and the good life lived by my grandmother as we have her memorial tomorrow. A different kind of Christmas season, but one that will always be remembered.


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2009

  1. Sounds like you had a very nice holiday at your house. Happy Birthday to little Tessa (I love that she’s standing near the tree in the top picture!) and ((hugs)) at the loss of your grandmother.

    What kind of camera did you get?

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