In Perspective

This new year is something I want to welcome. I have no new resolutions really, I think I have goals I want to continue to pursue. Today I’m beat. I was up til 1am and then back up at 6am. I’ve been hustling all day to get lessons ready, kids ready and maintain my mediochre health. I love to teach. I hate getting ready to teach.

But I digress. We said goodbye to 2009 right after we said goodbye to my grandmother. My uncle and his family were in town for the memorial, and they were here to celebrate Tessa’s first birthday, as well as my uncle’s birthday. With two teenagers to entertain, and alot of days to kill, Mom planned a date for all us folks to go visit my cousin Matt’s property in North Ga. He has sheep, in fact two baby lambs were born on Christmas day. We were all excited to see them.

Being surrounded by sheep makes you think of a few things. They are beautiful in a quaint sort of way. I love them. They are kinda grubby and damp (at least that day they were) they were surrounded by the smells of barn. But they were gentle and quiet. They travelled together, sometimes charging with no sense of real direction. It made a lot of us think and chat about how sheep were used to describe us in the Bible. One thing Matt said is that he has rarely lost a sheep to external things: animals, injury, etc. Sheep die from things inside of them, like worms. Fascinating. What might I be letting eat me inside. An interesting thing to reflect on as 2010 arrives.  But the simplicity of sheep, just as Jesus used them to describe us, is beautifully overwhelming. How can you ignore your parallels with them when they surround you with their wooly damp bodies and earthy smell? I don’t think I could ever care for them myself, but I love farm animals. They are domestic, simple and have weight in their symbolism and poetry.

I can’t wait to visit them again. Learn more about them from my cousin and his wife, and just feel simplified around them.

On a less rainy day, of course.


One thought on “In Perspective

  1. I can imagine the damp sheepy smell and can definitely understand wanting to visit on a nicer day. I would love to see a baby lamb up close and personal.

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