Happy home changes

So, this might not be a very interesting post, but I wanted to blog about it before the giddiness went away. I took a trek down to the ATL with Cat to drop off some art. we went down early to hit IKEA because I really needed to help my little urban dwelling. Now I know, yeah yeah, I don’t live in like 600 sq feet, but I pack a family of five in here. In Chattanooga,”urban” dwelling is pretty new, I think. We have no yard, no garage, no attic, no safe place to store the four bikes and bike trailor, and a crawl space. So when I make Christmas lists for my kids it is well known by my family that big huge plastic playyards are not the best. Legos: yes, slides: no.  I have been trying to make the best sapce for us to LIVE. When I get into storing things etc, we have to think small. Here’s some pictures of what I got to save our space for living!

I got a small book case to replace the trusty hutch we inherited from the Knutson clan. It holds puzzles, a few pictures, a few deco’s that I love to look at. Most importantly, we can know host all shapes and sizes of people to get into our little half-bath!

Observe, you can go freely get into the bathroom! “Yeah!” Tessa expresses my joy.

I also got a computer desk that will hold all our entertainment needs. Until we get the magical cord to connect our TV capable desktop to our new wii we have our big boxy 19″ TV on it too, but I look forward to ridding us of that. It is narrower and a little shorter than the table that we had our computer on, and most importantly it hides ALL THE CORDS! Hoorah! Is also has the storage that we gave up giving away our hutch for DVD’s and other techy stuff like my camera and all it’s cords. Yes. It is a happy experience. I need to take some pictures in my kids room which holds the most delightful piece of furniture for the whole family which is a new dresser. Both my big kids have their clothes in it now, and they are stoked to have a new dresser. The cute little red dresser that we inherited from our great design aware neighbors, the Cooleys, is now Tessas and all her trappings fit nicely into that. The well loved, sort of fuctional, old dresser now sits in the kids massive closet to hold dress-ups and blankets. Ah, the closet is being purged of ratty cardboard box storage items!

I’m feeling a bit more like a domestic goddess these days, being able to clean up easier and store things better. I have one last piece of furniture to put together for the laundry ‘room’. I’m holding my breath that it will fit, but it was $20 so I’m not worried that it will get unused. At this moment the laundry closet has a tiny space to store detergents, washclothes, plastic bins for all purposes. I got this little metal shelf that I”m hoping will squeeze into that space. The trick will be getting it into the NARROW opening between the stacking washer/drier and the door frame. Hmmm, we’ll see. So far my research and familiarity with my home has worked, and I love minimizing and still having the items that my family (and my guests) need to flourish.

(In the top picture you can also see the family table that used to hold the computer, I’m hoping to put that in my bedroom, where piles of books are stacked on my floor. It will be good to get my bedroom as pretty as my kids room is now!)


One thought on “Happy home changes

  1. I love ikea. We moved to a larger home 2 years ago but ikea is still my go to solution for inexpensive nicely designed moderately sturdy furniture.

    We have a karlstad sofa and footstool and an awesome open bookshelf and former tv stand turned coffee table in the living room proper along with a leksvik table we use as an entry area bench and catch all (cubbies for everyone!)

    Love seeing your happy kiddoes 🙂

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