Each Morning


When we started school a year and a half ago I thought I wouldn’t survive. I mean, getting up at 6:45, rousing the boy, getting him dressed, feeding him, loving on him. All this and taking care of the other first needs of the day. Now, I expect certain things. We now sleep til 7am. And Josiah has a system. Today he said, “Mom, can this be a day that is a school day but I don’t go to school?” Aww, I know the feeling. But he dutifully gets ready. Goes to his closet, picks out his shirt.

Here’s the dresser I told you guys about. I got it for a steal at IKEA. It’s an “as is” but it’s perfect. The big kids love having a new dresser. And it’s so sparkly white, it makes the whole room look clean. Which it’s not. But I feel better about it. I hope Eden doesn’t fancy making it a blank canvas one day, ready to be marked upon. We’ll see! It makes mornings less stressfull. Everything is organized and easy to get to for both of them.

Our trusty red dresser that the Cooley’s practically gave us. It’s perfect for the multitude of baby girl clothes needs. Above is Eden’s new wall quilt. It’s been a LONG time coming. I draw a design and pick out fabric and my mom quilts it. I got the easy job! I was very ambitious with Josiah’s quilt, and it’s huge! I had to explain to Eden that Josiah is the BIG boy that’s why he has a bigger quilt.

I asked Cat if she was ok with me kinda using her tree idea for Eden’s quilt, you know, Cat’s the tree master and all. Since Eden is named after the garden of the Lord, I thought a tree was very appropriate. One change I might want to make is make a pretty scalloped edge. I’ll hafta discuss with my seamstress/mom.

A welcomed new resident in my kids closet is a large collection of my old dresses. Many of them are light floral ‘Laura Ingles’ style dresses. Eden isn’t wearing many of them in this 40 degree weather. Many of them are smocked and have my name embroidered on the top corner. They are such a pleasure just to touch. My grandmother made most of them, and the smocking was mostly done by my great-aunt. What a pretty legacy.

And then there’s the adorable sweatshirt that used to be mine. I don’t know why Eden would wear it anywhere else but to bed. Maybe it would come in handy if all my Ward cousins get together this summer, it might help to show who she belongs to. It’s so cute on her man, it helps me realize again why my kids are such lightweights. Because I was too! I was probably 5 when I wore it.

We spend alot of time in my kids room. It’s colorful and comfortable. They can clean it up themselves and it is a happy blend of boy and girl stuff. Probably the only downside of my kids room is that you very often step on a forgotten lego. ouch.

And each every morning I fill the room with warm light from the lamp and get us going. Sweet voices squeak awake and we start another day. We’re glad to be together.


2 thoughts on “Each Morning

  1. i really love eden’s quilt. you and your mother make a great team, so i can’t wait to see what you come up with for tessa. i’m super glad all the new furniture has worked out so well. it’s all seems so good and satisfying, i’m sure.

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