wii are having fun

002, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I was apprehensive when we decided to get a wii for Christmas. What would happen!? Would we turn into vegatables! Well, It’s been about a month with it, and we’re still really enjoying ourselves! It’s been a welcomed form of entertainment. Yes, we take it away, yes, there are fights, but it’s made our kids have to work together. They have learned to be more creative (making and naming mii’s). And they learn that you can get tired of it!
I work in the kitchen making dinner, doing dishes, wiping counters off, and I listen to the kiddos playing wii and I wish I could just stop and play with them. I’m sure dinner has been 30 minutes late or more because I took a break to play. It has made it so fun to interact with Josiah this way. It’s like a great sigh of relief in a way to have something that I can laugh, cheer, and celebrate with my son. He doesn’t get into sports, we haven’t taken the plunge with any instruments. He doesn’t even ride a bike very well. He’s having fun and getting better! We play outside (when it’s not gross or cold) and still explore, but this little gadget has come at the perfect time. And they are satisfied with our 3 game stash.
And it’s really fun, I really enjoy it. Joel is really good at it. He will play by himself after the kids are asleep, win a buncha games, and unlock special characters and such. It’s like the Christmas gift that keeps on giving! God really provided this Christmas for us to get some WOW things. It’s still a nice wow. I feel very blessed, as silly as that sounds.
Here’s to playing! Playing is fun!


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