Have you always wanted to own original art? Have a lonely place over your couch that needs a painting? Are you doing your taxes and looking for a great reward for all your hard labor? Well, I’m having a sale. A BIG BACK ROOM ART SALE!!! Some of you have been fans for a while, and have said,”If I only had the money…” Now, I’m making it all too afforable!

I am looking at this huge collection of art. Some are ten years old. Many are beloved. I can’t store these, I don’t show them very often anymore. I want some wonderful places for these artworks to live. Maybe you have a space? Check out this slide show of images and compare the #’s listed with the prices I have below. Message me on Facebook or contact me on my website wih any questions. You know you want something. Now’s your chance! I’ll jump through hoops to get the art you want. Take and a look and contact me!


#1 $175                          #2 $50                 #3 $175

#4 $175                          #5 $285              #6 $100

#7 $250                         #8 $200             #9 $285 

#10 $100                        #11 $285           #12 $25 

#13  $25                          #14 $20              #15 $10

#16 $10                            #17 $5                  #18 $5

#19 $10                            #20 $15                 #21 $200

#22 $20                           #23 $30                #24 $20

#25 $100


6 thoughts on “BACK ROOM ART SALE

  1. Kat

    Hi Katie – I am interested in Metro II and Unfinished Village. I can’t figure out the number system (embarassing)! Are either of those still available?
    Thank you – Kat

  2. Hey Katie,

    I’m quite interested in #6 and #8 and would like to see some of the other remaining ones, but I’d like to see them before deciding for sure. Could I swing by you house to see them tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday)?

    Joel Swanson

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