Snow Part A

Josiah got out of school early because of “snow”. I didn’t really believe we would see much. I mean last year he got out because of “flooding” and “extreme cold”. So whatever, I picked him up and I did the errand I planned on, out to Target for a birthday present.

By the time we were checking out I looked out the window and the snow was thick and coming down fast. “Whoa, how long has it been snowing?” I asked the cashier. “About an hour,” a random employee said. You could tell she was in the ‘quick-run and get the milk, bread, beer, and cigarettes’ mind set. “It hasn’t been an hour, I haven’t been in here for an hour.” But we all know how Target is the #1 time suckage location.”I’m glad I live downtown” I said. There was about 3 inches on the car already. I just laughed! I wasn’t even wearing a coat! Tessa sat in the cart waiting for me to get the van unlocked etc. I bet 3 inches would have built up on her pretty fast. We drove home fairly nicely. I gave Joel a call, told him I was fine and then told him what 75 looked like for all the folks that worked with Joel who had to drive out to Soddy.

My kids were so so tired once we got home. They seemed very unthrilled. They crashed and watched TV. I opened up the blinds and let the white-blue light pour into our house. Have I said how thankful I am for the wii? I just knew that we would be going crazy without that fun distraction. We eventually ventured out before dinner and built a snow mouse. Well, Eden and I did. The boys went to the playground and pelted each other with snowballs. It was a good time to get together with neighbors.

It seemed a welcomed gift, this snow. The whole city seemed quiet. Things were cancelled, PJ’s were worn all day. Indoor play became somehow more about downtime and less about being stir crazy. We could get wherever we needed to go. Joel went to Highland Park for a guys night, and then we went back for sausage gravy and biscuits the next day. Our park looked like a white bedsheet and planting footprints all up and down the sidewalks made me think of all the wonderful snowmen I could make. It also made me realize how ill prepared we are for it all. The beauty of it became an inconvenience, but something about the cold plus snow, it just makes it more tolerable. Snow has to be experienced and not just seen. So we went out. And then, we went out again.


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