Snow Part C

proud, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Eden and her snow mouse. I knew she would love to make something with all the wonderful snow. I love some of the Eden shots I got that day. Very memorable, very Eden.

I hope Eden never loses her desire to rough house and play. Something about growing up and being a girl, sometimes you think it’s time to play defenseless, or coy, and not to get involved with the rowdies. I hope Eden skips that part of my gene pool, and moves into a confident and brave female.

First time making one of these. It was sweet to watch.

Ah yes, my Eden. She has no tolerance for cold. All that snow balling was fun while it lasted. But no one told her the snow would slide down her mittened palm and onto her wrist and into her sleeve. And as my trigger happy finger snaps away at her beautiful raw emotion I’m giggling under my consoling voice, “Eden, it’ll be ok. It’s cold, I know. We’ll go inside and get dry and have some hot chocolate.” It’s great being a mom. Solving great fits of tears with Ovaltine and 1% milk.


One thought on “Snow Part C

  1. Poor baby! We have a lot more snow than you- I think 30 inches over the past 10 days and more on the way. My 9yo has never seen snow like we have now and has been having a ton of fun. But he hates the snow that gets caked up inside his pants legs.

    Keep warm and enjoy your mini-winter wonderland.

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