Camera Love

We went to Chickamauga Battlefield on Saturday while this beautiful weather surrounds us. It was really nice to go somewhere different. I feel we’ve worn out the downtown parks for now, and we longed for big open spaces.

I’ve been wanting to discipline my creativity and use it as often as I think about it. This is hard when making art for me usually involves paint, water, sitting, good lighting, etc. But my trusty new Canon is at arms reach ready to be my sidekick to the creative. I enjoyed it while at the battlefield. Using it for experiments as well as capturing memories.

I don’t think I’ll be using this picture of Tessa as her portrait, but it was just way funny to turn around and see that this baby had palmed about a dozen pretzels at once. Poor ignored and desperate third child.

The 365 day project that floats around flickr seemed to be a good reason to post a photo everyday. Search for an interesting image -a slice of life- to put out there and see how one year of my life was recorded. These projects are very satisfying and ridiculously simple. The major effort is in the getting the photo up the day it needs to be. And I have fallen short on that one. I want to get bolder as time goes on, and bring my honkin’ Canon with me to places one wouldn’t usually bring a camera. Although I have used my phone once, but it has to be perfect! I work harder at finding the composition that is exactly what I want. I realize in doing this I need a bigger memory card, I had to delete more than I wanted to while out on this adventure. But even for the quick kiddie captures, I try to find a good composition, one I will want to look at. And who knows, maybe Tessa’s portrait picture will be found and I’ll have all three of my kids adorning my walls soon.

But here’s to camera love! I love taking pictures, I love using my eye to find what that rectangle can capture and wield a mighty impact to each viewer. Telling a story one still at a time.


One thought on “Camera Love

  1. Oh the endless photo op’s at the battlefield. It ‘s weird lugging the big old camera after you’re used to the small powershots, huh? But so much fun. We almost went there Sat. too. I’m sad I missed play group yesterday Juden would have loved to see Jos.

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