3.31.10 coming to get me, originally uploaded by katiek2.

The girls paired up in my childhood dresses to woo everyone at our little friend Julia’s 5th birthday party at the zoo. Woo at the Zoo. Anyway, I can’t escape the glow of green and orange in this photo. As my kids get older and as I get older I realize that my aesthetic joys churn and change. What gems of beauty and light and color I get to enjoy everyday! The intoxicating springtime just enhances it. I wish I could rope it in, bottle it, inhale it when I need a good pep talk. But I get plenty of those too.
My latest painting project is trying to encapsulate this aesthetic experience. I could paint Eden everyday the contrasts of her skin, eyes and hair are hard to resist. But she inspires me in other ways too. Ways that Madeleine L’Engle speaks about too. That childhood is unbridled when it come to the creative. The under fives especially. So I’m using Eden’s freedom to explore my own. I hope the outcome teaches me alot about myself.


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