Just Art

When I put them all up here it looks like I have done a lot! Maybe I should do this more often! I love looking at them all together. I am guilty of flipping through my own flickr slide shows to see the progression. I have been believing a lot of lies about my art recently, and what God has revealed to me ( and I hope to receive more) is that my art is woven all throughout me and I can’t really separate it all from my everyday. I spend every Monday from 9am to 3pm making art with kids! How many creative mammas get to do that? And get paid? It really is fun, and also frustrating. That horrible phrase,”those who can’t do, teach” has gone through my head more than once. Many times actually. I have tried to stop caring about what my next big concept is, and I just paint what intrigues me. Eden is my little artist. She makes things all. the. time. I am constantly picking up pencils, pens, and crayons. picking up tiny pieces of shredded paper that she has cut to tiny bits. But also there are a TON of drawings. So I’ve squirreled away my favorites, and I am slowly but surely going to use them in some compositions.

This one is Donkey Bird.

I have done other stuff too, stream of consciousness paintings really.

This is still in the works. It’s a wonderful drawing of crazy haired people that Eden drew over a year ago. She couldn’t tell me what they were, or what they were doing, so I decided they looked very tropical with their ‘fronds’ growing out of their heads. I still think I’m crazy putting so much work into this. But I will be satisfied when it’s 100% done. 

This one sold a few days ago! Yeah! I knew someone would love this one. It’s freeing, and girly. A must have, really.Coral Floral. The colors are funky and I love them.


2 thoughts on “Just Art

  1. Love the girly painting! I would have loved that one. So happy that you have an art partner in Eden. My kiddoes enjoy crafting with me, but neither is as into as I thought they might be.

  2. I really like the Eden art. I think that it says something about parenthood. That we are no longer individuals experiencing life alone. Our kiddos are still so dependent that they are like little benign parasites. They are a part of our personality now. That’s something that you are expressing through these Eden doodles. I really like it. Same thing with teaching. It’s an expression of your gifts in the community. It’s a lot more important than having a show in some elite gallery (not that you shouldn’t pursue that as well). I need to be reminded of this stuff myself when I start to think that I’m too important to be leading singing at our school chapel for kindergartners. Just like our Lord said, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”.

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