I am here: On the Fence 8, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I am so proud of my best friend Cat. She has done so much in such a short period of time, and stuff just keeps getting better. Many of her ideas and dreams are coming true. She has a large piece of public art up right now (and it will be up for a year) called I AM HERE: On the Fence. Together with Nano (who did all the amazing Vector work) they made this huge 20 banner mural. Take a drive down Main Street and you’ll see it in front of Architectural Surfaces or across from OCI. Her trees become almost life size. But the colors and the concept are brilliant. She transforms her trees into a Google Map of sorts, making the horizon lines look like highways and backroads. The icons for off Main Street landmarks (mostly well established ones) seem to pop up like bubbles that your cursor floats over. There is a competition, and I hope she wins. She seems to fit with these new found obligations quite well, like she was made to do this stuff her whole life. Her feathers don’t seem to get ruffled by the enormous task nearly so much. So as I live my life and live vicariously through her, I see the fruit of what we love and have dreamed of happen. I guess we’re finally adults, even though I still feel like we’re kids handed a great big box of golden crayons. Let’s make, and create, so we can feel like we’re 5 years old over and over.
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