beautiful five

not thrilled, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I could spend hours, HOURS, going through pictures of my Eden to do a post for her birthday. Her fifth birthday. But this one just thrills me. She’s totally faking being grouchy. Her expressions are classic and I think I’m close to capturing every one. Her birthday was this past Saturday and I hate that I didn’t get to blog about her on her birthday, but our computer situation has not been blog-friendly the past few months. But I made it, I’m blogging again!
So Eden, my precious second child. My smallest baby, an ideal pregnancy and a great labor delivery story. I think the experience of Eden made me realize that having baby 3 was a great choice. She thrilled me from the first moment. Her cry was so different than her brother’s, and her hair turned orange really quick. And those eyebrows! They were orange too, a long time ago. Eden is so photogenic, I wonder where she gets that from!
I’ve started mentioning her “freckle bridge” before she goes to bed tracing my finger from one cheek across the bridge of her nose and to the other side. She’s so snuggly, she loves every little touch.
As she approached five we started to see how her personality was getting more challenging. The emotions reach fever pitch. “Control your emotions” I say. She can be sad, but the loud, outrageous expression of those emotions is overwhelming. As girly as that is, she is such a balanced girl. She doesn’t get hung up on “the frills” she’ll sword fight and be the only girl. Her girliest traits involve her love for things small and furry and cute. She is so ready for school, I thought she would be painfully shy, but being #2 helps alot. I will miss her, she is such a little friend and helper for me. I’m serious when I say “what would I do without my Eden?” She’s writing so well and she draws and draws and draws. I can’t keep up with all of her amazing creations. That’s why I’ve started doing paintings of her artwork. Because I’m totally infatuated with her, and because I’m a little crazy.
My little brood all together is a fair haired-fair skinned bunch. I love seeing them all together at the sink brushing their teeth, noticeing their similarities. But their is something so calming about running my fingers through Eden’s coppery hair. It puts me at ease and brings me so much visual joy. It’s like the other joys of nature that God gave us: sunsets, the greenest forest, the biggest ocean, the smell of honeysuckles. I thank God for the beauty of my 5 year olds hair, her freckle bridge, her mile long lashes, her clear blues, her soft hands that always need holding. And the careful small conversations she has that contrast with her crazed playful roars. She might not look like me, but she’s alot like me. And when I correct her, encourage her, pray with her about her fears, I feel I am speaking to myself. Speaking into my own fears, and relying on my faith to calm Eden, and to reassure me too. This 5 year old is another stone to sharpen me and bring me closer to who God wants me to be.
Here’s an Eden slideshow on Flickr, give it a looksie. See if you can’t spot those orange eyebrows. Beware of the cuteness.


3 thoughts on “beautiful five

  1. your post about eden made me happy. she’s beautiful & it’s awesome to be able to stop for a second & truly appreciate your kid for the individual, unique human that she is.

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