I haven’t disappeared

for the ride, originally uploaded by katiek2.

My guilty pleasure of Super Mario Bros hasn’t taken me away. It’s not the kids, or the dishes. It’s not really even Facebook that’s keeping me from blogging, I think it’s just been that the large chunks of time of have been escaping me. It really is true that our lives have been broken down in to two or three sentences and we don’t take the time to truly communicate. I feel that my ability to form words and spell correctly are suffering. Maybe I should start a crossword habit. That will be my next blog hiatus.
The trusty laptop died. Didn’t have any juice left to give to a lengthy blogging session. So now we have a tidy tiny netbook that will be used mostly for communicating. That’s what I plan to do. I need to catch up and reflect on the memories that move so quickly through these days. Summer days are relaxed and we can return to a life of lounging, staying up until the sun sets, playing outside, having light dinners and taking off to swim in a moment. The heat is thick, our bare feet get dusty, time in the car becomes the straw that sends us reeling toward indoors for air conditioning and cold water.
Our Tessa entertains us bare-chested in only her dipe with the latest little boogie, growl or phrase of words she knows “Papa Papa Papa! Bebe Bebe Bebe!”
So I’ll be catching us all up on what’s been happening in the past month. And I hope you’ll join me for the ride.


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