ham, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Falling into the role of “baby of the family” Tessa entertains us everyday. When she’s alone with just me, she’s restless, she wants to be around her siblings. She wants action. Tessa laughs spontaneously, roars and sword fights, wonders off on her own adventures and wants to be where the big kids are. “Why can’t I go to the playground by myself Mama!” her frustrations are comical, most of the time. I look forward to having her all to myself everyday during the school year. I think it will be a growing period for both of us. Tessa is delightful. Because she is so independent, we experience things in such a fun physical way. She has little fear, but I am glad for the risks she is unwilling to take too. Her vocabulary is growing more and more. Asking for “Juuuuu” (juice) or (Moooooe) milk. She loves to point out the “bebe” and she smiles big at her big brother and says “eye-yah” so cute. I love stroking her golden hair. What a fun surprise to have a blonde. She’s got those dark Knutson lashes though, and her freckles are sprouting one at a time. I feel like Eden is my striking girl: fascinating features that strangers point out regularly. Tessa has that joy, the bubbling charisma that makes you want to play with her. I hope that sticks with her forever. I know that Joel and Tessa have a special bond, and I am overjoyed with that. Sometimes when she’s making all of us laugh I just ask the big kids, “what would we do without our Tessa?” I really think the big kids agree. She keeps us all smiling and we get to view the world through her new experiences.
Sweet butter bean, stay the baby.


2 thoughts on “Ham

  1. emma

    it must be something about being the third. I see so many of the same traits in Greta. I can’t wait to see the two of them together.

  2. alltheseblessedthings

    I’ve started calling her little feather because of her wonderfully wispy hair. She’s a sweet one.

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