Summer Mornings

all three, originally uploaded by katiek2.

These mornings are a blessing and a curse. The blessings seem to outweigh though. We sleep til 7:45 some days! Amazing. Josiah still seems to pop out of bed before 7am, but the sunshine pouring in the windows, the snuggling, the hazy eyes trying to focus on the book that’s plopped on your face…cozy. I do wish that I had that hour back, that hour that I was forced to use during the school year. Now I look at the clock in the mornings and I sigh for the time lost. I don’t think my mind ever wants me to sleep. I want to stay up til 1am working on projects and wake up at 6:15am to take a jog around the ‘hood. Exercise in the morning is so good.
The dread I had as the school year ended of being bored and not having anything to do quickly subsided. I now have weeks with plans: playdates, pool, Art Day, and the necessary shopping trips. The kids know thier routine with the leisure of the evenings giving us extra time for stuff like the boys hitting the Urban Rocks Gym for some rock climbing and the girls taking a fun bike ride around Jheights and Fort Negley.
The summer is full of things we wish we could change too. The heat is so aweful, we are sick over it. Headaches and grouchiness. There are obligations that we are having to make tough choices over. Trips to take and not take.
Joel is riding his bike across Iowa this July, ten days without our Papa. Good thing we’ll be at the beach. And Cat is coming with us! I will miss Joel at the beach. I probably have some sort of illogical fear of the ocean: jellies, critters, rip-tides. My kids begging to play in the ocean will have to conjure up some bravery to go and play and not think “what if”. Our beach trip is so great, it’s practically free, and it shakes out the last bit of summer so we come home ready to think of nothing but the school year. Our Prev’s A/C is iffy which makes roadtrips seem longer. Roadtrips, I do love them, but this summer has been difficult to say yes to some and no to others. We still are choosing and making plans. I hope decisions come soon, I do hate limbo. With that, I must get ready for this summer day.


2 thoughts on “Summer Mornings

  1. That picture is lovely. So much more real and precious than the posed photos people seem to love.

    Good luck with the decision making. It’s great to have options but sometimes a little overwhelming too. Hang in there!

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