little treasure around every corner

ZERO: two headed girl, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Every once and a while there will be little pockets of street art that pop up around the Southside. I feel like it’s Christmas! I know that they’re not on my front door or anything, and I’m sure the business owners or real estate agents aren’t super jazzed about them, but to me it reminds me that I live in a sorta urban place. Chattanooga has a long way to go, but I like what it is too. It is walkable, bikeable, and relatively clean. I’ve helped clean it. These posters are made by hand, stenciled and wheat pasted up to the plywood boarded up doors of some of these neglected buildings. The urban decay allows these artists to have some freedom to display their statement without defacing…much. There’s been cats, gnomes, faces, kids with devil horns. Now we have a two-headed girl, a pink teddy bear and batman. They might not be respected by most people, but I like it. It makes me expect something. And I like the fact that someone somewhere is making art and it’s not funded by anyone, it’s just being made because. Because they want to be noticed and be a part of what’s going on. There’s a little bit of that in me, that’s why I like these so much.


2 thoughts on “little treasure around every corner

  1. Philly has a really cool urban mural program. There are huge murals everywhere. Covering whole sides of buildings. Everywhere! From the ghetto to historic neighborhoods. On South St it’s a mix between mural and collage with mosaics of broken glass and mirrors built into the murals. Really cool.

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