Dragons, originally uploaded by katiek2.

In another attempt to capture whimsy, I whipped out this painting of dragons. I’m not sure if it’s all wrapped up in a pretty little bow or not, but I think it’s done. Eden’s dragons were so instant. What a flurry of marks and squiggles. I love to see her imagination and I realize that it has rubbed off on me. I hope that more and more erupts. I feel there is part of me that is gently being coaxed to wake up. Each new drawing I see my kids produce knocks the flint to a spark. So with these wild characters I explore the places that make no sense and colors that rarely exist.I shake my head like I’m crazy that I’m painting these things. I have to say, I feel I should be painting Metros or something realistic. But then Eden saunters up to me while I’m painting and she gives me notes. She asks what I’ll do next and where I’m putting things. I just have another art critic in the house! It’s a good feeling to be part of her creativity, and I hope to get better at it. Better and better.


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