Have mercy

stained, originally uploaded by katiek2.

It has been a very hot summer. And thankfully, this second bout with record temps, we’ve been able to stay inside, in the pool and out of the hot car. The past two weeks we have done some berry picking. Blueberries in Wildwood GA and blackberry picking at Crabtree Farms. Blueberries were fun, we had a journey getting there, but once we found it, it was blueberry heaven. If only my slaves kids were more helpful in collecting berries. The point is to have the joy of being together and reaping the bounty of the season. A gallon of blueberries is a wonderful thing! One batch of muffins and a buckle later and I still have quite a few in the freezer! This little urban villa wont hold as much as some households, so I like having just what we will need/use. A little bit of cash to our friends the Englishs and we have more fresh local produce: squash, beans, green onions, herbs (YES) and more blueberries! I asked Joel what he would like me to make with blueberries in it. My husband does not do sweets very often. He said, “Uh, I like blueberry cheesecake” *smirk* and I replied, “so you want a cheesecake with some blueberry goop drizzled on top.” “Yep.” I love my husband. His habits keep me from being overweight.
Blackberries were not as rewarding as they have been in years past. But I was in good spirits. I knew we were looking at a scorcher. The temp was supposed to reach 98. Blueberry picking was awesome, it was overcast the whole time. But this day I sun-screened the troops, shoved hats on their heads, and we went to get whatever blackberries were left. They had been available since before the 4th and we went the Wednesday after. I wasn’t holding my breath for our usual 2.5 qts. Everyone was picking the bushes clean! It was a bit of a search, and we encountered fire ants and wasps. I also had to navigate the poison ivy trail behind the bushes to find a place for the older kids to pee. We DID NOT pee on berry bushes, by the way. The blackberries are good though, and we did get one quart. We had enough time, and we were overheated enough to go home, pack lunches and head to the pool. So that was a rockin’ day to be a mom. I got an A+ that day.
The clouds rolling in late this afternoon brought me a stillness to my heart. I can’t say my mind is not troubled by various things these days, but feeling God’s blessing surround my house, blow through the grass, sweep dust and leaves up off the ground and scatter my junk mail pile across the porch, it’s something that makes me want time to stand still. All I wanted to do was say thank you, and watch the grey clouds swirl over my head in wonderful loops and curls. I thought about watercoloring clouds. I thought about being a little creator myself. Then I let that go, so my troubled mind would stop and I could feel my skin, and my mind cool off. Merciful grey thunderstorm.


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