Hilton Head

Warm pools and evenings that creep in. Hot mornings with coolers and koozies. Lots of lotions, damp towels, sandy feet, sandy animals. Sleeplessness because we’re not in our own bed. Tantrums because our Papa isn’t here.

Generation gaps filled by many books read. Conversations that went late into the night. Some where important others were not. HBO and Food Network and, Notorious? sheesh.Spending all day with no make-up except the markings God gave me: freckles from forehead to chin. Running my hands through my unstyled, damp hair, over and over again.

It is a gift. I never will say it isn’t. It definately doesn’t belong to me. But the beauty and the memories are mine and they are good. Each year I am reminded that I have something very good. And sharing it makes it even better. Thank you to every soul we’ve ever taken to Hilton Head with us. And thank you to those from the Knutson fam that have made this annual trip such a blessing for me.


3 thoughts on “Hilton Head

  1. What lovely photos and wonderful memories! I am always a wee bit jealous of families that have this kind of extended generation vacation. Glad you are safely home.

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