Make Me Proud, again and again

Josiah started 2nd grade this past week. It affected me more than I though it would. Maybe it’s because Joel was gone in Memphis for business, maybe it’s my hormones and their awesome timing, maybe it’s the life changes of many of my friends that have moved me. My boy amazes me. He is so brave, so loving, so trusting, he is such a reflection of who I want to be. We didn’t get our first or second choice for a teacher, but Josiah doesn’t flinch when he meets his teacher at registration. He doesn’t frown or pout, in fact when I am crying over the phone to Joel about how worried I am, and how I feel disappointed, and why do we have to go through another year with no friends for Josiah in his class; Josiah hugs me. He tells me he just wants me to feel better. Children, they are such a reflection of God’s love and desire for us. They continually sharpen your character. I highly recommend being around them, having some, raising some, teaching some. Josiah has been ministering to me since he was conceived. He has always been a comforter. So today he impressed me again.

While having “guy time” with his Papa, Josiah fell off the bouldering wall at the Urban Rocks Gym and smacked his knee against his lip. How that happened I have no idea. He busted his lip and after a quick call to the pediatricians office, we were able to get him stitched up there instead of the ER. Joel took him, and he was so impressed by Josiah’s bravery. He got two shots of anesthetic into his wound to numb the pain, and then got three stitches. Joel said the two shots must not have been enough, because by the third stitch Josiah winced pretty hard. Not a tear, not a shriek, he was a strong tough cookie. Musta gotten that from his dad, cuz I’m choked up just typing it.

I have this series of photos in my bedroom of Josiah and I when he was about 9 months old. He was such a beautiful baby. Coppery hair, big dimples, freckles, just so handsome. As my boy grows, I know he will not need my kisses as much. Today, he was so cautious about his face, he didn’t even trust me to pat the food off of it. Pain, although Josiah has been strong, it ruled his temperament today. I want to ball him up and hold him like a baby when he hurts. It’s getting harder, he’s 4’4″ and 60lbs. But even yesterday as I conked out on the couch, he came and laid down with me and we had some quiet silly conversation. I want time to stand still sometimes, but then I remember my strong, brave boy and how I am so excited to see what kind of man he will be. Quite a milestone today, I hope the next few days are kind to him. I love him so much.


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