Lucy Lu Who

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Eden started her first full week of Kindergarten this week. It’s finally good to be doing the normal routine. I was a little worried about Eden in school, I’m always worried that she’ll get tired and fussy. I dread her going into fits with her drama. I like her teacher, I really like all the Kindergarten teachers. She has two girls in the class that she knows. She’s been a trooper this week. She’s been eating her breakfast, we have had no drama about clothes, she eats her whole lunch. It’s like she knows the protocol and has been observing for two years how it works. Even though she really didn’t express great joy about going to school, she went right along with what had to happen. I do think it’s engrained into kids brains to not want to go to school. She didn’t need any help complaining about waking up and going. Man, I thought the thrill would last just for a little while. She doesn’t really want to talk about school when we’re walking home. But little tidbits about her day come out and I love to hear her sweet observations. Sometimes Josiah railroads her joy by saying,”Yeah, I remember that…” and then Eden will screech with frustration. Poor middle kid. But I am SO proud of my Eden. She is so brave. Her small stature makes you think she will be a wilting flower and so shy, delicate, and helpless. Not my Eden, she’s learned from all the awesome petite women in her life: Grandma, Lola, Mama, Ms Cat, that being small does not mean you need help all the time. I’ve tried to explain to her that sometimes it’s hard to be small, but there is also something wonderful and beautiful about being short. When you’re small you can go places bigger folks can’t. You are easier to snuggle and love, and who doesn’t want snuggles and love. Just for example.

But I digress. There is a place of joy in my heart as I help Eden get her sweet little school clothes on. The pleated skirts just do me in! So cute! I about melted when she asked for pigtails the first day. I see so much of myself in Eden. She’s got an independent spirit that I am so proud of. I used to be worried that she was a wallflower and felt lonely, now I know she’s just carrying on the legacy of small, brave, independent women. You go girl. You go to Kindergarten!


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