Play Play Play

trained dragon, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I’ve got a few things to do this fall. A few little art gigs to keep my hands busy. God is good to bring me opportunities. The crazy thing is, I keep doubting myself and the choices I make artistically. I wish I was happy doing the same thing over and over. I wish I had an endless supply of images and such. I wish I was motivated by viewers approval. Oh well. I have felt motivated to do these interpretations of Eden’s drawings. I can’t say I feel completely confident in what I’m experimenting with, but I do feel like the process is good. When I was questioning myself the most, our fam went up to Murphysboro to a conference at Global Fire Ministries. Patricia King was there and she was encouraging us and giving us words from the Father’s heart. She was encouraging us to observe children and learn from them, to remember that child-like faith. She said that we have forgotten how to play with our Father, and to trust him so completely for our needs. It really hit home to me. Because I do need to trust God more, but I also can identify with that feeling of “playing” with God. I think He’s awakening this part of me to try new media and learn more about creative shapes, lines and space. Some of the pieces I’ve done are very literal, Eden’s work is almost exactly represented. Others are inspired by her little critters. Another realization I’ve had is that I might not be in the peak of my artistic career or making the best art of my life, but the work I’m doing is valid. I physically do not have time to do the large, complex pieces that I have rattling around in my head. But one day, I WILL! The time I have with my children is so precious, and I am loving the celebration of who they are through these fun pieces. I’m not taking myself very seriously. I have to say my ego is on my sleeve still. I want to tuck it away and just let is roll off of me, but I still feel sore. I need my Father to remind me that the making, the journey, is feeding me. I am stronger and sharper than I am when I don’t make art.

So for the immediate future I am:
Putting art in a cafe in Chickamauga GA
Art N  Party after the Gallery Hop
submitting art for an art auction to benefit Girls Inc.
Our Clothesline Art Show

I love being this kind of busy. I just hope to see more and more successes at my art table. I’m so tired of making blah pieces. I’m feeling good though. I wish I could just tap into all the images in my head a little bit more. I also want to try framing in plexiglass. I’m biting off a lot. Here’s to lots of chewing!


One thought on “Play Play Play

  1. These pieces are definitely studies in creative shapes, lines and space. I really love them. It makes me wish I had a little one to work with like that. I do have art from both of the kids hanging in the house but I love your take on the collaborative process in these pieces.

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