Quiver and Arrows

I’ve been thinking alot about big families and how I’ve been enjoying them so much right now. From my neighbors, to my friends, new and old, and the homeschooling families I work with, big families are such a blessing!

I did this painting several years ago, and it refers to Psalm 127. So much good stuff in this one:

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.
 In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat – for he grants sleep to those he loves.
Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court. (NIV)

If you don’t have kids, I highly recommend having one, or three or five. They are blessings that I do not take lightly, they are referred to as ammunition in this passage of scripture. What I think is hilarious about this psalm is that sleep is also mentioned. Sleep is a gift from God! Now I’m not much of a napper, and I am a night owl, but for those of you that struggle with unexplained sleeplessness ask God to remember His gift. He loves you, and He wants you to sleep. It’s funny because if your quiver is full, sleep might not find you when you want it most!

I have been struggling with the counter-cultural approach to parenting, which is having lots of kids. I used to not think it was a big deal, now I am seeing how folks with large families get ridiculed, in secret and to their faces! It’s wrong, it’s terrible! When you get past three kids (even two kids!!) some folks just treat you like you’re “wierd”. That’s so sad. I have been very blessed by children of large families. They always have playmates, they learn to share, they are willing to work as a team, and dare I say, they are more respectful! I saw a church that had a sign that asked as nicely as possible not to bring your young children into the service, at all. What the? Seriously? How can God be glorified without kids in the room? I must be old school, that just seems to P.C. to me. I taught kids church, and I like being able to give my kids age appropriate teaching, but outright telling parents that they are discouraged from bringing their kids under 10 into the worship service? That’s wierd.
I guess I’m a big prickly pear these days, and no I’m not pregnant. But I think big families should be celebrated not ridiculed. It’s a challenge, it’s hard! They should be supported and encouraged if nothing else.

BLESSED is the man whose quiver is FULL of them. It’s time to honor that ammunition.


3 thoughts on “Quiver and Arrows

    1. I totally agree Alex, I think adoption is a beautiful and challenging way to parent. It holds many rewards that bio-parenting doesn’t. A few of the families I know and admire have grown twice as big because of their conviction to adopt. It’s humbling and awesome! Thanks for commenting!

  1. So true! I come from one and I’m building one and the blessings just multiply. But I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard things like, ” don’t you know what causes this?”

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