Birth Day

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I turned 34 on Tuesday. And I’m slowly feeling ok with not being a youngster anymore. I am thinking of the things that I didn’t think I would ever be thinking about. Like the end of my childbearing years, the end of all abdominal strength, grey hairs, being stuck in a certain decade of fashion and not being able to get out. Ya know, the tough stuff. I have said every year that I love my birthday because the season finally, finally changes down here! It goes from being muggy and hot to cool, sunny, and crisp. The best birthday present of all! But I think this might have topped it. I was whirling around in a frenzy after talking to Stephen Cooper this past Thursday. I had agreed to take some pictures and now that the blessed moment had arrived Joel was M.I A., on a bike ride with his buddies. I was calling all of my neighbors, asking if they could just sit in my house with my kids while I went a mile down the road to be there for Sarah as she gave birth at home. An hour after I talked to Stephen, I got Roger to come sit in my house. I got to the house and Sarah’s dad was on the stairs, “I hear a baby crying!” he said. “noooooo!” I said, I missed the birth by 5 minutes. ugh. But who can be disappointed and mad for too long?! Henri Kinsman was here! And along with many a joyful family moment at the Cooper house, this was just as warm and inviting. Sarah and Henri relaxed and bonded as we all tried to stay out of the way. Lily, Linen, and Liberty got to see Henri arrive. Jess Willison show the girls the placenta and she told them what it did. We were all hugging and quiet. I got to hide behind my camera lens. I was happy to be there, but disappointed that I wasn’t prepared. I had figured out certain parts of my camera, but not others. I snapped and snapped, but I have way too many blurry photos. So the ones in the slideshow are pretty raw, unedited and difficult. I’m slowly working on getting them tweeked.
I’m thankful to have been there. What a joyful night! My last efforts were given to texting all of Sarah’s contacts to let them know Henri had arrived. I gave Harvest and Pip some special attention as they struggled to wind down enough to go to bed. Then I said my quiet goodbyes to all and went home. It was hard to stop smiling. What a gift life is.
On my birthday I was feeling bad. Achey and tired, my throat sore from teaching the day before. Found out it was all just PMS. But I came home from a lovely playgroup feeling yuck. I hated to leave, we were having such great conversation. Sarah texted me and asked if I was heading home and I said yeah, but I felt bad. She knocked on my door and had brought me an awesome tall plant for my birthday. “It reminded me of you, springing out!” she said. I had been encouraging Sarah lately that she (and her whole family) is so life giving. “Here’s me giving you life!” she laughed and we giggled over the fact that we never can keep house plants alive. I said I’d try to keep it alive for a few months at least. Then we kicked back while little Henri nursed.
Joel came home from work later and brought me a bunch of tiger lillies. They have been such a wonderful gift as new buds open each day. Eden keeps smelling them and getting brown pollen all over her nose. My little crew is such a blessing, arriving to pick up the big kids at school and the door swings wide “Happy Birthday!” all the teachers say. “Mama is 34!” Eden shouts. *sigh*. whatever. I feel very fulfilled. Life, birth, getting older. It’s joyful, it’s painful, it’s not all there is. I’m glad.


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