What we do while we wait

The days between when school gets out and when family arrives is sheer torture sometimes! What do you do while you wait? Turn on the TV and veg for 7 days? On top of the regular chaotic schedule, the kids had a couple of snow days, which added to the torture. I have my traditional cookie recipes that the kids help with, that gets plenty of cheers. We make a cut out cookie that is basically flour and butter and brown sugar with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. They’re wonderful. We like using the non traditional cookie cutters, like dinosaurs, helicopter, and guitar. Eden loves the little bitty Goldfish cracker sized animal cookie cutters. My fave is the little horse. It looks Swedish.

Then we made Russian Tea Cakes which are affectionately called snowball cookies. My big kids did GREAT this year rolling the dough in little balls. And no complaining from Eden that they had nuts in them! I was also amazed at they restraint they had as I asked them to roll the baked cookie balls in powdered sugar. No licking of fingers (until they were given permission)! I’m so proud. Then we made Rolo Turtles. Basically, it’s a small pretzel with a Rolo on top and after it’s popped in the oven to melt a bit, a pecan is squished on top. My big kids unwrapped a whole bag of Rolos without munchin on them, then they planned strategies as to what pattern they would use for their pretzels (I got the holiday kind which had different shapes). I told them to fill their cookie sheets with at least 12 pretzels and no more than 18. They dedicated so much time to organizing, adorning with Rolos and then squashing the pecans down. After a short stint in the freezer, I was proud to reward them for their efforts.

I bought 4 plain glass ornaments for our yearly ornament project. I never make a huge deal about the outcome because for me it’s mostly about the process. Some years I buy the kids special ornaments, and they already have a good collection from various Sunday School events and from family. It thought these glass ones would be fun to put stuff into, or paint on top of.

Eden enjoyed it immensely. I was also so proud of Josiah, he asked if he could use my big silver paint pen and since he almost NEVER wants to color, I let him go for it and he put the most free and expressive swirls and squiggles on it. It was just enough, and now I’m thinking that nothing needed to go inside. The clear glass is so pretty.

I have a small Rubbermaid tub full of little project stuff. It’s helpful when I have to plan a craft, or a lesson. I haven’t had to do much lately, so this was a great reason to pull out the stuff. We stuffed Easter grass, cut out butterflies from wrapping paper, flower stickers and “snow” made out of cotton balls and hole punches. We also had pipe cleaners. I suffered and struggled trying to make little trees that I could shove down the hole in the top of my ornament, I wasn’t too successful. But we got some pretty cute animals and bracelets out of it! You really can’t go wrong with pipe cleaners. I recommend always having some around. Eden made two big horn sheep (she called them goats).

I thought to preserve their cuteness they needed to hang out with the other goats and sheep next to the baby Jesus.

Another crafty thing that always gets some attention when I bring it out is these bead creations. I bought a few templates way back and a couple boxes of the beads. As my big kids get older, more patient, better at problem solving, they love making these! Bringing them out at Christmas means that everyone in the family needs one! Once completed, they are ironed, and of course, made into ornaments. Yes, I was sweeping up quite a few from under the table, but we only had one big spill, and even Tessa helped picking up the little bits.

So today I need to come up with another project because Josiah has the stomach bug and we are homebound. Which I really don’t mind. It’s gloomy outside, and I’m done with my shopping. But it does make me sad, Joel and I wanted to go check out the Honest Pint tonight. Parenthood, it’s always a gamble. If you’re tapped out of ideas for the kiddies, and if you’re homebound like me, you can always hand your camera to your kiddo. You might end up with some sweet photos that make you smile.


One thought on “What we do while we wait

  1. the kids at aftercare LOVED the bead artwork, I threw away SO many of them when I was packing to move! And I love their ornaments, very pretty, I can’t believe how big they’re getting. Sure do miss ya’ll!

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