Joel’s Christmas Hobby

Joel has been having a ball buying and selling wii parts and games. This is one of his email convo’s that just has us on pins and needles! No not really, but I do look forward to Miguel’s next exciting question.

Joel: Subject: New Wii Bundle -White – $185 (Chattanooga)

Miguel: what is your best price? please let me to know your answer and pic.

J: Miguel, Thanks for your interest.  This is a picture of the Wii attached and you can see receipt next to it.  I can’t go any lower than $180 on this.  My price after tax was $217.  So you would be saving quite a lot.   Thanks,Joel
M: I know but in the stores there is pus  of 50 dollar  I give you 150 dollar now if you are interesed please let me to know

J: I have receipt I can return this if I want.  $180 price is saving $37 for you, which is not much different than getting a $50 gift card.  It is your choice, but I can’t go any lower in my price.

M: hi! katie how are you? so do you have still  your wii in home? I was cheking my e mail so I get one from you….  please let me to know your answer.

J: Yes, I still have it.

M:what is your best price?

J: I need at least $180.  If I don’t get that I’m taking it back to the store.

M: what color is your wii?

J: White

M: where I can see it?

Ah, Craigslist. Stay tuned.


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